The Class of 1973 Memorials

All that we can know about those we have loved and lost is that they would wish us to remember them with a more intensified realization of their reality.  What is essential does not die, but clarifies.  The highest tribute to the dead is not grief, but gratitude. --Thornton Wilder

Classmates whose names are in orange have had memorials in the PAW that are available online. Online memorials date back to 1989. Clicking on the name will take you to the PAW memorial. If you know of any deceased classmates who are not listed here, please contact our class secretary, Lisa Dorota Tebbe at


Diane E. Alington-Leaf

Robert M. Altman

Richard K. Anderson

Joseph W. Baran

Jeffrey A. Bart

Melanie Beckelman Wygonik

Thomas A. Bonebrake

Jeffrey C. Brasor

James Anthony Breaux

James J. Brown

John C. Buck

Alan Campi

Margaret Cannella

Robert M. Capuano

Jeffrey L. Carples

Nancy Ellen Reed Cassels

Timothy P. Cassidy

Peter Clarke

William S. Coppedge

Stuart TenBroeck Cox

William F. Crowley

Robert F.M. Culver

Michael J. Cunningham

William G. Daake

Carey Field Davis

Michael D. Debevec

John L. Dennison

Arthur C. Fennimore

Elizabeth A. Freeman

Mary E. Garrahan

Edward W. Geibel

Frederick S. Gray

Steven M. Greenbaum

Carolyn J. Hamm

Karl Edward Hammonds 
James A. Hardie

Philip Hsieh

Stephen W. Hunter

Billy Charles Jackson

Andrew J. Kappel Jr.

Kenneth E. Knapik

William E. Lawless

Christopher Leach

Daniel N. Lichty

Allyn R. Marsh III

David. L. Mayer

Scott D. McKee

Sylvia Marie Morris

Mark W. Murphy

Albert W. Nash

Steven K. Porter

John W. Propst IV

Conrad W. Schuessler

Geoffrey C. Shlaes

William J. Simmer

William F. Stinemann

Jerry Scott Stockdale

Robert Marshall Stolarz

David Taggart

David Hartt Thompson

Marc S. Toma

Kay Wagenknecht-Harte

John H. Wells

John Scott Westberg

Brendan Patrick White

Jeffery A. Williams

Willie L. Williams